Pre-Primary A, B, & C (2-5 yrs)
Primary A & B (5-8 yrs)
Level 1 Ballet (7-9 yrs)
Adult/Open Ballet & Pointe (13+)

Pre-Primary A , B, & C Ballet (2-5 yrs)

Pre Primary Ballet is part of the ABT® National Training Curriculum for the youngest dancers, instilling foundational elements of movement through creative experience, expression and play. Basic concepts are informally introduced throughout these levels, and students are encouraged to explore movement through imaginative ideas. Emphasis is placed on correct posture, musicality and coordination. Both boys and girls are highly encouraged.
These classes runs through the academic school year and require registration.
Pre Primary A Ballet [Ages 2-3]
Pre Primary B Ballet [Ages 3-4]
Pre Primary C Ballet [Ages 4-5]
Instructed by Rachel Prescott.

Primary A & B Ballet (5-8 yrs)

Primary Ballet for ages 5+ is part of the ABT® National Training Curriculum and begins to introduce class in a more structured nature, with defined floorwork and center exercises. Creativity and imaginative ideas continue to be encouraged for movement exploration within these levels. New concepts at this level include understanding spatial instructions, spacial relatively and performing movement to a defined musical phrase. A pre-requisite of the Pre Primary Ballet program prior to Primary A ballet is suggested. Both boys and girls are highly encouraged. 
These classes runs through the academic school year and require registration.
Primary A Ballet [Ages 5-6]
Primary B Ballet [Ages 6-8]
Instructed by Rachel Prescott.

Adult/Open Division

We offer a variety of Adult/Open Ballet and Pointe classes at intermediate levels.
Adult/teen students ages 13+ are welcome to attend.
Instructed by Rachel Prescott.


Barre+ is a ballet/fitness-focused class using foundations of ballet combined with other workout styles that support the balletic movement like body-weight exercises, intervals, and basic Pilates-style movements. Expect a full-body workout, sweat, and fun with high-energy music in 60 minutes. The ultimate "hybrid" class for both new and seasoned students is sure to tone, lengthen and strengthen a lean physique.
Barre+plus classes are held every Tuesday and Friday from 9:00-10:00am.
Instructed by Shaye Smith.

Dress Code For students under 12 Years Old.

Young Ladies: Class assigned leotard dress, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (no string ties), hair in a bun at the crown of the head.
Young Men: White cotton crew neck t-shirt, black biker shorts and white fold over ankle socks or black boy’s tights, black ballet slippers. 

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