Class Information

studio6twenty5 is fulfilling the timeless demand for classical performing arts.
Students are developed as individual artists through well-rounded, classical curriculums and are supported by a nurturing, positive, curated environment. studio6twenty5 ensures that both classical ballet & contemporary dance are taught, as well as presented, in a way that inspires our community and resonates within families. - RP

2-9 years old

Pre Primary A Ballet 30MINS / Ages 2-3
Pre Primary B Ballet 30MINS / Ages 3-4
Pre Primary C Ballet 40MINS / Ages 4-5
Primary A Ballet 45 MINS / Ages 5-7
Primary B Ballet 60 MINS / Ages 6-8 

Level 1 Ballet 75 MINS / Ages 7-9 

Adult/Open Classes

625 Harbor Blvd. 
Destin, Florida